Kate Sawford-Billingham - Director

Before establishing Old School House Limited, Kate gained oodles of experience in the hospitality sector, rising through the ranks within Devere and Radisson Hotel Group. As well as maximising revenue for the organisations she mentored conferencing and event staff across the UK, from Aberdeen to Jersey. Along the way she has built up a diverse network of friends and partners in the industry. Check out Kate's LinkedIn for a more detailed overview.


Joseph Billingham - Director

Joe's professional background is in business development and high value contract management. This, combined with a web design skill set, helps clients increase their digital foot print. With an unhealthy obsession of clearing his email inbox, he can take customer service a little too seriously! Check out Joe's LinkedIn profile and drop him a connection request to get acquainted.


Old School House Limited supporting cast

The Old School House Limited family. Creative cats and practical thinkers. Business Directors and Marketeers. HR Advisor's and Designers. Accountants and Recruitment Consultants. Post Millennials to The Silent Generation. Our harshest critics. Our most loyal supporters. This is our sounding board, our think tank. Our family. This is us.