We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Amplius Partners on a short term three month contract. In our role as the acting Office Manager our services covered administration support, accounting and liaising with the partners overseas clients. We were working with Amplius while a key team member headed off on maternity leave.

We always knew we had big shoes to fill and our time with Amplius would be temporary, but we loved the opportunity to get stuck in and meet new people!

The directors from Amplius had the following to say: -

"It’s no exaggeration to say the office manager is the cornerstone of the successful operation of our business, so when we learned that we were going to need to bring someone in to provide maternity cover for our office manager, the stakes were high and we knew that person would have big boots to fill!

Kate Sawford-Billingham, from Old School House Limited, outperformed our highest expectations. She was flawless from the handover phase onward, taking everything on quickly and accurately so that the transition was seamless. She brought professionalism and conscientiousness to every task, handling everything we (and our clients) threw at her.

We couldn’t be happier with the work Kate did, and recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a team member who can get up to speed fast and deliver outstanding performance."

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