GJ Catering

Posted on July 30, 2020Comments Off on GJ Catering

When we first met GJ Catering to discuss their website design, they were in a bit of a pickle (excuse the pun!). Business owner, Graham Waughman, has been running his catering business for 20 years. Throughout this time he’s been creating delicious food for numerous events, before investing in walk in cafe, GJ @ The Squre.

Graham had decided to implement a new website to coincide with the launch of his new cafe venture. Unfortunately, on the website front at least, things didn't quite pan out how he'd hoped. So by the time Graham first reached out to Old School House Limited, his domain name was no longer hosted and his website content had been lost.

We left our first meeting with Graham in June with a clear idea of what GJ wanted to achieve, along with two delicious ready meals! To start things off, we immediately reclaimed Graham's domain name. We then set a 'coming soon' note containing his contact details, so valued clients could still reach out. Next we set about building Graham a brand-new site from the ground up and re-designed all of his menu's to include some tasty new dishes and an updated pricing structure.

Finally we set up GJ's 'Google My Business' page and implemented some basic SEO to give his google rankings a solid start. Within two weeks GJ Catering had a brand new, fully operational website. Check out our work here (and Graham's food!) for yourself or get in touch and say hi for more info on our website design services.